Contact Center

The traditional call center—rows of agents in headsets answering calls—is becoming obsolete. In a consumer-driven, Internet-enabled world, customers want to reach out via email, IM, text, chat, and more. Taking calls isn’t enough to keep customers loyal—proactive effort is required to respond out and build relationships, up-sell, and solve problems before they become deal-breakers.

The new contact center empowers a company to reach customers using the communications channels they desire, balancing inbound and outbound communications so that no one is left waiting. It can help cut costs, improve agent efficiency, and maximize the value of every customer.

ADVENT can help provide solutions to make the entire contact center more effective, from internal operations to customer relationship management. ADVENT is an expert at deploying Contact Center applications for Avaya Aura and IP Office systems, including Call Accounting for itemizing calls made and received, and Call Recording for training, quality assurance, and dispute resolution.

Server-based contact centers can simplify costly and inefficient levels of infrastructure complexity, delivering more streamlined operations, lower costs, and reduced staffing needs yielding returns on investment. Server consolidation helps companies eliminate underused hardware and related expenses.

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