industries1Education   ADVENT engineers work one-on-one with you to design a solution, which will leverage the best technology for the design, creation and delivery of your students’ learning experience. For schools and higher education leaders who seek innovative approaches to transforming education, Advents’ portfolio enables you to improve student outcomes, increase efficiency, enhance safety and security, and expand user capabilities.

ADVENT helps simplify healthcare communications using a network of interoperable technologies that better connect patients with medical providers and payers. Our deep technical expertise and partnerships with industry leaders allow us to prescribe innovative solutions, which bring quick relief to our customers’ pain.

ADVENT solutions link critical information, people, and knowledge to help improve the healthcare experience.


With ADVENT solutions go beyond low latency into sustained performance with a fabric architecture that integrates speed, computing, big data management, business intelligence, and agility across the entire trading value chain.

ADVENT expert engineers can provide technology solutions that drive better results, from your street to Wall Street and beyond.


ADVENT manufacturing solutions integrate communications with business processes to help you. Modern technology has transformed the global supply chain, increasing competition and decreasing profit margins. The ADVENT manufacturing solutions team understands how to turn change into opportunity, for customers around the corner or across the globe.

industries5State & Local Government

Governments worldwide need to ensure that products theyuse meet their criteria, perform as expected, and work withtheir existing technology. ADVENT is a leader in providingcertified and evaluated products to the global marketplace.

Technology is changing the ways we interact as globalcitizensand how we govern. ADVENT is consistently exploring new ways to help cope with the challenges of globalization, economic uncertainty, emerging technologies, and a more connected citizen base.


The ADVENT lean retail approach can help you launch new initiatives on schedule and on budget. A lean retail approach solution can also help you reduce IT costs and maximize the efficiency of your existing data center systems to strengthen your business’s competitive advantage and enhance your brand.

ADVENT retail customers know they’re getting top-shelf technology backed by consultative expertise.

In today’s competitive global economy, our solutions keep retailers thriving and their customers spending.