Advent Board of Directors

Ken Eglberger Co-Owner & President

Ken Eglberger is the Co-Owner and President of Advent Communications. He started his career in the Communications industry over 25 years ago with AT&T. Ken’s career led him to Lucent Technologies and then Avaya before branching off and co-founding Advent in 2001.

Greg Sinnamond Co-Owner & President

Greg Sinnamond, Co-Owner and President of Advent Communications began his career with AT&T in 1994 selling network and carrier solutions to customers in Houston, Texas. Greg’s career evolved into selling hardware for Lucent which brought him back to Pittsburgh in 1999. After working for Avaya in Pittsburgh for several years, Greg went on to co-found Advent in 2001.

Mike Hochendoner, Senior Account Executive

Mike Hochendoner began his career at Advent in 2005 as a member of the Services Department. He continued his evolution at Advent in 2009 by moving into the Sales Department as an Account Executive and has played an integral role in growing the enterprise practice at Advent. Mike joined the board of directors in 2014.

Jeff Kirchner, Services Director

Jeff Kirchner joined Advent Communications as Technical Director in 2013. Prior to Advent, Jeff spent 19+ years as a Systems Engineer. He began his career in Knoxville Tennessee with AT&T in 1993 and moved with Lucent Technologies to Pittsburgh in 1998. Jeff assumed the role of Services Director at Advent in 2014.

David Reinhart, Director of Sales

David Reinhart joined Advent Communications in 2013 as the Director of Sales. His career began at AT&T in the early 1990’s and led to Lucent and most recently Avaya. In his 20+ years in the technology sector in the Pittsburgh area, Dave has been a Territory Manager, National Account Manager and Named Account Manager for Enterprise Clients in Western PA. Dave has also been an active member of the Brentwood Lions Club since 1991.